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Humanoid - Sweet Acid Sound EP (De:tuned)


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59 minutes ago, zazen said:

wait is this humanoid as in 90's stakker humanoid

80s in fact (Their Stakker Humanoid single was in '88 and the Global album in '89) ?

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3 hours ago, Detuned said:

SoundCloud preview:


Black vinyl


Bleep: https://bit.ly/44TrBso


Phonica: https://bit.ly/42TBK6H


Red Eye: https://bit.ly/3BjypBQ


Norman: https://bit.ly/3LY2hsr


Juno: https://bit.ly/3pANY5K


Horizons: https://bit.ly/42TDf4P


Deejay: https://bit.ly/3BnOwOQ


Decks: https://bit.ly/3O5os2M


HHV: https://bit.ly/3pyMl8L


Clone: https://bit.ly/3nPSJIf


Colored vinyl (Limited Edition)


Bleep: https://bit.ly/44TrBso


Phonica: https://bit.ly/3nYQF0A


Red Eye: https://bit.ly/3O5nkw4


Juno: https://bit.ly/3VXlxea


Horizons: https://bit.ly/42RqPdK


Deejay: https://bit.ly/3NZ83wK


Decks: https://bit.ly/44X79a8


HHV: https://bit.ly/3LXo6bD


Clone: https://bit.ly/42QMouU


Previews sound so good!!

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Been waiting for Brian to release that 808 State remix for years.  Hyped to finally have my mitts on it - it's a banger.

Other three tracks fantastic as well, of course.

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