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show me some strange, trippy, and obscure music.


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oh maaaaaan, yer in for a sweet ear treat


he covers a huge spectrum of moods & sounds which makes definitions tricky & if anything a tad unhelpful, but always immersive with a disturbing edge


def up there w/Stapleton as 1 of Britain's finest ever sonic explorers, get stuck in

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On 5/14/2012 at 5:52 PM, J3FF3R00 said:

This song is fucking crazy. I went to Japan in 2003 and bought a collection of Japanese folk songs because the cover of the CD looked cool. This was the first song on the comp and it blew my mind.

It's as strange, trippy and obscure as they come.



here is another version of the same song... BUT LISTEN TO THE OTHER ONE FIRST!!!!




I was in a van on a job once with about 10 people that I didn't know and I played this on my ipod. There was a kid from Japan in the van and he was like "Whoa! Holy shit! This is old-school."

He said the song is from the point of view of a ghost who thinks being dead is cool because there are tons of good foods and hot chicks in heaven.

@J3FF3R00 link broken and my interest is now piqued. Reup pls

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9 hours ago, hello spiral said:

@J3FF3R00 link broken and my interest is now piqued. Reup pls


This was not easy to find...


WTF???? After a little snooping, I found this crazy jungle remix!!! 



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For obscure music I'll suggest you Aghast, a kind of dark ambient. I mean very dark

Is rumoured that the album is haunted because they recorded it in abandoned churches, cemeteries and so on and also used the mic that Dead (former member of Death Metal band Mayhem that commited suicide) used to sing. The lyrics are about rituals and creepy stuff.

I don't feel comfortable listening to it, but If you wanna give it a try that two witches only released one album called "Hexerei Im Zwielicht Der Finsternis"

see ya

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