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show me some strange, trippy, and obscure music.


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Stockhausen's Helicopter String Quartet is quite mental when you think about it. But you probably know that piece.





Listen to the lyrics on this one...



(basically some korean traditional music sampled untouched with some noises added)



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Strange, trippy and obscure music is my favourite genre.












This is one of my all time favourites, but it was not on youtube so I had to add it :emotawesomepm9:



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This song is fucking crazy. I went to Japan in 2003 and bought a collection of Japanese folk songs because the cover of the CD looked cool. This was the first song on the comp and it blew my mind.

It's as strange, trippy and obscure as they come.



here is another version of the same song... BUT LISTEN TO THE OTHER ONE FIRST!!!!




I was in a van on a job once with about 10 people that I didn't know and I played this on my ipod. There was a kid from Japan in the van and he was like "Whoa! Holy shit! This is old-school."

He said the song is from the point of view of a ghost who thinks being dead is cool because there are tons of good foods and hot chicks in heaven.

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Pre-Khmer psych/garage/funk from Cambodia.




Early 70's jazzy funk soundtrack to the Dune books.



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Check this post of mine:




someone posted this in the aphex forum and I've cherished it's existence on my hard drive ever since:





An artist I've only found on watmm:








^(just a cocorosie bullshit side-project but still a very odd track)


More upbeat...





^cassetteboy is up there with negativland imo


Any Jandek, Zoviet France, Wesley Willis - all for completely different reasons


You could get completely lost in these blogs:


http://blog.wfmu.org/ - wfmu used to (still does apparently) post really interesting music - oddities of pop star discographies, obscure world music, found vinyl and cassettes of novelty and homemade music, etc.


Smaller site - odd cassette tape finds:



These both have vinyl and cassette rips of very limited and obscure records - new age, prog, synth recordings, folk and folk-tinged rock and psychedelic from all over the world. I apologize for the hours you might lose looking around:





African cassette tape rips:


More recently, people have taken interest in Saharan regional pop and folk music being recorded and traded completely on cellphone SIM cards:


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