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Tomorrows Harvest - Today


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It makes alot of sense doesnt it? Sittin down are ya? Born when? Afraid of tornados were ya? Were not in kansas anymore toto


what else should i say? if you wanna fly... fly! if you can't keep it off the ground for no longer than an hour, what makes you think were all going to be able to go?

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Little bit jenny haden ()

Your hand holding the computer mouse. The thumb lays down with it's pillow between it's legs and the pointing finger clicks and says... You!

Open arms )(

The son of man with "great" power. wanna know why he said "great power"?

cos were good? and most certainly not evil. because............... adam AND eve both ate from the tree of knowloedge of good and evil.

now do what is right and be good.

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Tomorrow's Harvest feels the most mature of all of their releases, in my mind. I love everything they've made, but whereas their former work sort of sounds like a certain era of Warp aesthetic, TH - to me - sounds way more timeless. Time has always been an interesting factor in their music (they are the first that comes to mind, when you think about artificially adding nostalgia to your music - very prevalent today - and they started this journey in a time, where everything was about sounds of the digital future).

But this doesn't just sound nostalgic - it sounds old - sometimes like the soundtracks of 70s B-movies, just made better. It truly is a unique piece of work.

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TH isn't mature it's ballsy. I heard their gear was more analog? Waves J37 on the mixbus? It seems like they can't maintain a specfic level on their songs. Compare the dB SPL on all of their tracks.  and see how they all fluctuate. Autechre is kinda imbalaenced like that as well. it's not very professional at all. tht wouldn't work in movieis. if you're gonna make a song, make it a hit. Dawn chorus for one. Radiohead made it a thing but again, look at the dB SPL it's the loudest among all the other tracks on Geogaddi.

The majority of their songs have too much bass too. I'll give them this. They have a unique style. It's based on the nostalgia of Filmboards/PBS and their audio sounding damaged including noise, though i'll say it again the output of their work is unprofessional in terms of maintaining a overal balenced volume soundwise.

Not that it matters but i read somewhere recently that they smoke. Do they have problems with anxiety? and it's hard to sit at the computer and produce or are they consistantly working hard and seeing there's two of them creating a mass output of work that they can't decide which work to put out based on what is good enough to release to the world because of of their mental well being? and it's just too hard for them to go up? because it is the world they're presenting music to.  It's a benefit because there are two of them going in different directions without tracked. So why don't they release more music? Do they have enough money? Do they have other business? If i were them i would be an investor. They are featured like most popular bands on youtube. Kinds are all over that. Because they've mentioned they "know" the difference in sound between a true analog synth to a VA. Look at the mass amount of production in analog synthesizers since "MHTRTC". They made synthseizer manufacturers rich because of the nostaligia. How's "Metal" music doing. We are more in the future in terms of music being made solely with drum machines and synths more than ever. and they're part of a contending genre up there with rock, metal, country, pop. See where i'm going? They're part of that larger scale now. And because the're music is better because it sounds best damaged makes them unique. And more will follow that strct rule? Making damaged audio sound good in the masses? They don't release enough music because of that uniqueness.

I'm all over the place. And i could go on and on but i won't. Not now. i've not even skimmed the base of their interviews to know more about what kind of people they are to know why they don't "release more music" ya know? Guess it's not a high enough demand and the people who can do music just like them in their home studios don't see it profitable and want to keep it for themselves. I don't know. But, imagine what it would be like and really how much boards of canada style music could be out there?

It's like the seattle grunge explosion or it could be, right?

The british are coming? :)

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I have one more thing to say about Tomorrow's Harvest". It's alien! But, which direction are the brothers going tocontribute to the "internet"? world?. Good or evil? Sadness and sorrow or a electronic pop revolution? and who will begin to follow and add to it if it's more than much of a sucsess? Like the household name " Metallica".


edit - could they pull it off or become even more reclusive?

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I wanted to record my guitar playing second bad vilbel and my first computer was a $1300 clone i bussed table, did night cleanup at a restaurant, cleaned 10000 motel room carpets, a chirch 3 days a week, and 2 doctor offices 3 days a week to see plaid's reachy prints which isn't my neighborhood exaclty. and i want a new computer to master my songs.  and california is getting a stimulus check and i'm not? but a 5th and the voices say follow my earthly father dank hank which is now dead who climbed a hill to drink a fifth of evan williams leaving me to this?

2024 eclipse and the book of matthew noone on internet relay chat little house on the prairie

communication breakdown

welcome quantum computing.

data language system soulseek systems

this is a child of g-d

our father


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Music has the right to children.

Good things come to those who wait.

"Things Come To Wait For Good" and the blackboards eraser.

You know i'm bad you know. ? richard or poorer. Violence has come to and end.

I'm thinking of chicago style pizza. And byon grandfather  "Bine" Byrons Chicago style hot dog. Gyido "Gyroscope" mouthwash scope "Listerine"

Read it and weep Shawn and rob said someone forgot what they were doing in 1997.

PBS kids hour for today and a sammich sam drove off in his new car. I want some raisin bread and a parfait. 

Aren't computers great? G-d is good and g-d is great. I love you! Take the weapons apart and make new toy's. or a spacecar cos "Cold Earth" mom.

I love you. Are we home yet?

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That’s crazy. Seriously. Ten years. And the world is even weirder than where we were then. Imagine ten years from now. Think anyone will be worrying about new boc? 

On 4/13/2023 at 9:48 PM, auxien said:

RSD 2013 (April 20th) was the first tease for this album. album was released in June 2013. 

almost 10 years. 


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