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thanks y'all!  got one of them recorded at least, working on the others and feeling good about where they're going....glad to hear it's not just me thinking they're on the right track  

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1 hour ago, staberinde said:

digging coercer drums, good stuff

thanks 🙂 been a while since i've listened to that one

4 hours ago, sTeh B L said:

Pretty relaxing stuff. Kind of sounds like you're playing it live.

not too relaxing i hope, was trying for a little tension in the middle and the last half. but definitely built on that relaxing basis.

it's fully captured live, it was some combo of previously-live-recorded patterns and live-looped audio as well as definitely some amount of live playing. best of all options is what i was trying for with that batch of tunes it was a part of

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On 12/20/2021 at 3:13 AM, auxien said:

just a quick recording of some new shit i'm working on. will delete later i'm sure

Just great, every layer has something to like about it. Lush pads as well. Serannian track is p. lush as well.

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i've been keeping up so far with dronecember, just an excuse to record a drone piece each day and share the results. it's going decent i think...today's ended up a big choral ambient-ish drone but i've been trying out some other sounds too. all tracks are on my Soundcloud, playlist below:


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couple of recent things recorded while jamming/testing/tweaking/demoing sounds and ideas. may end up somewhere or incorporated with stuff or who knows.

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