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The smiths

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I love The Smiths 100%.

Morrissey has always been cantankerous bitch though. In this interview from 1984, interviewed by children, he says that he never liked children:

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One of my all time faves, for sure! Got into them as a 13 year old or whatever just before they called it quits. Remember a couple of their singles being new at the record store. Been on a little binge the last few days, funnily enough.

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Not a fan of Morrissey. His voice is fucking terrible, and he's a really shit person. Nevertheless, I don't actually mind The Smiths. They've got loads of genuinely decent tracks, one of my favourites being Stop Me... Just a shame about the frontman, eh?!


he's a dick now


but he's a great singer


fix yr ears imo

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edit: "Ask" is definitely in my Top 10 Pop Songs Ever

that's one of the worst smiths songs



This kills me, and the way he sings the word clothesline is inspired.



no i cannot steal a pair of jeans


i love you tec

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LUDD of underbridge hall, been active of late, so that's a plus, always nice when quiet members come out of their semi-retirement. /awaits immolation from masses due to reference.


/would troll smiths' thread with post smiths morrissey tracks but someone already got there, maybe i should post a johnny marr electronic piece, for pure troll.

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