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RAVE music n vibes


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I feel I don't really know enough about this to start a thread, but looking trough oldschool trax on youtube n stuff I realize how much I love this sound.. need more of it!


u kno stuff like dis (3:11)



and so onnnn







I guess there are threads for acid n jungle n so on but u kno just spam the hardcore oldschool vibes pls I might also b slightly drunk cheers rave on

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Just posting some classic rave vibes :




(btw, I love the Break of Dawn track !)



lol not seen it in ages...got to post whole thing:



:sorcerer:  :sorcerer:  :sorcerer:

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just discoverd this track yesterday which i find amazing

holy shit man, that's beautiful cheers!


that was my first reaction too haha



briliant! but i wouldnt call this rave music. it's from freek funk album, 1997, novamute records


this was one of the first cds ive ever bought ...my god! 20 yrs ago :(

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I used to be such a Rising High / The Hypnotist fan, I remember I ordered a bunch of stuff directly from them via fax machine back in the day, couldn't get hold of the stuff locally. Oh to be young again, sigh. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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Freedom 2 Unknown DJ's mixtape early 1991


"Recording starts off a bit dodgy but comes back again after 15 or 20 mins.. Mixing aint too bad, tune selection is wicked, proper little 91 memory jogger with loads of tunes I personally had forgot about.."


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