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Birds are great, I go walking up the woods with my wise and ageing dad who's been birdwatching since he was a nipper and some of his ornithology vibes have rubbed off on me. Buzzards in abundance in my neck of the woods (literally, ha), occasional peregrines, kestrels, sparrowhawks. Red kites are ten a penny in England but have only seen one once in Ireland, and even then I'm not 100% sure it was one.


Saw a kingfisher for the first time about a month ago, a handsome bird indeed.


Keep hoping to catch a songthrush when I'm out with the field recorder, they have an amazing repertoire. Nothing like those lyre birds though, bloody hell.

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was driving past a flooded field recently & saw wat looked like 2 ppl dressed in medieval outfits wading thru the chest high grasses, so slowed down 4 a squiz - thinking wtf is a circus doing out here ? - but they was big birbs, as big as a shuman; jabiru.



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