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Meg Meyers' Video For Kate Bush's Running Up That Hill Colored By Kids

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Colossal shares some behind-the scenes making Meg Meyers' video for the Kate Bush song, "Running Up That Hill":


An animated music video for Meg Myers’ cover of a Kate Bush song brings kid’s coloring books to life. Director Jo Roy first filmed Myers on a green screen, performing the crawling, climbing, and flying shown in the music video (see behind-the-scenes below). Then, each of the 3,202 frames was printed off as a black and white coloring book page. Elementary school-aged children from ten schools and an art program in the U.S. and Canada colored the pages however they wanted, with a provided crayon color palette.


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Strangely powerful.

But .. isn't that child labour? I hope those kids receive at least twice their weight in CocoQuinoa Pops (or whatever children eat these days) for their stellar work!

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9 hours ago, jaderpansen said:


wowsers..one cant quote a quote..


The original is so much better

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22 hours ago, jaderpansen said:
On 7/13/2019 at 2:37 PM, Gocab said:

The original is so much better

Highlight text and choose quote selected text

Odd that the quote button doesn't accomplish this - will look into that

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