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Guest Sprigg

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+1 on LSD. They're coming out with a full-length later this year too; I'm excited. http://www.mindexpansionrecords.com/#!__lsd

Also +1 on Glifted - Under And In; sooooo good. And of course the new MBV.


A few recs:


Rumskib - s/t



Oeil - Urban Twilight EP



Mellonta Tauta - Sun Fell


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Guest 30equals

On the shoegaze/wave side of things:





The pine (basicly an Evergreen rip off band kinda) - always got lumped in the emo/hc scene, but i dig this a lot (once i learned to like the vocals) and def. has some shoegaze influence




I'm not sure what defines dream pop, but maybe these fall in that category:


Wild Nothing



Real Estate



As far as laid back psychedelic rock goes:


Golden Void


And of course Tame Impala:

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Re-posting these since the vimeo vids were since taken down. Great overviews on the genre imo. Also, I've finally getting into Slowdive...I can't believe I hadn't given them an earnest listen until now. I can't stop listening to "When The Sun Hits"





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Guest igloos unlmtd

Cocteau Twins, Lush, Spiritualized, The Verve, Spacemen 3, Spectrum, & Ride all made albums equal to MBV & I actually put Slowdive down a notch from these bands.


& doesn't anyone ever listen to FSA anymore while watching the sun come up over the city?


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Guest igloos unlmtd

Ride's early catalog gets a lot of attention but I actually think they got better towards the later part of their discography. If I had to pick a favorite album I'd say the byrdsy Carnival of Light album all the way. But the Today Forever EP is my favorite.


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Surprised (unless I missed it) nobody's mentioned Washed Out... great stuff.


I'm a huge Washed Out fan (seeing him in Houston soon actually) but I'd consider him more dream pop. His newest album had a very strong exotica vibe to it.


Elite Gymnastics, who like Washed Out were associated with "chillwave" had some similar dream pop/shoegaze sounding aesthetic coupled with rave and downtempo electronic music.



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Guest igloos unlmtd

I know I'm not the only one that sometimes feels Lush is right up there or even better than MBV. Being a massive mid era Cocteau Twins fan, I really love their Robin Guthrie produced tunes. Spooky is a great album along with their Robin produced singles. But really their entire catalog is pretty solid up until their last album which was a huge let down.


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Guest igloos unlmtd

For me, shoegaze is mainly a phenomenon of the 90's... maybe up to the early 00's. The inspiration certainly carried through for some time. I think all my friends back then had a band or 4-track cassette shoegaze project. Flying Saucer Attack certainly inspired a lot bedroom artists.


One cassette that I held onto was Astrobrite's Artificial Flavors / Naturally Sweetened. That tape played on repeat in so many of my vehicles. The more the tape degraded the better it sounded.



lately, I've been searching for a copy of the mysterious The Summer Hits - Beaches & Canyons album.. a band related to Further, Beachwood Sparks & The Tyde.


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I think I posted this before, but worth a bump:



Dean Garcia's (Curve) band with his daughter on Vocals. The new LP is great.

Sirens and Satellites by SPC ECO
Digital Album
Immediate download of 16-track album in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.
Buy Now £7 GBP or more
Fallen Stars 05:10
Zombie 05:40
Hold You Up 03:52
High On It 04:46
Make Me Stay 03:26
Hold On Me 04:21
Equestrian Heels (free) 02:05
You're Cold 04:47
Free Fall 05:52
Found 05:01
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moose were the band i saw that seemed to own the most effects peddles - literally mounted on boards that stretched from one side of a 20+ foot wide stage, without gaps. their album never worked for me, but the e.ps were superb.


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Guest igloos unlmtd

Yeah, I remember hearing the Sonny & Sam album a bunch which is essentially their acclaimed EPs repackaged as an album here in the US. They have a great sound - kind of more upfront american sounding vocals with some great harmonies. I'm having fun going through their catalog again on youtube.


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