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The End of Music


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Seeing as how the end of the world will happen this coming year, how should music end? What would be the last song played on the radio to end it.


A suggestion I got from a friend:


snookie ft will.i.am "jacked and tan" (skrillex remix)

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Spoiler if you haven't seen Dr. Strangelove...(but seriously, everyone should know the film and the ending)




Will probably be:



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Guest Lucy Faringold

I dunno man I heard that most people gonna die from mutations/immune system failure over the course of like 10 years so maybe some kind of fuckin superdark decade-long drone piece would be in order. That would be pretty annoying though.

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Guest carthief





I saw this video on TV the other day, and I was just unbelievably disturbed by it. The song, and dancing, as has been pointed by others and pretty much goes without saying, is completely out-of-sync with what's happening onscreen. The way Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are having like twirling competitions as mothers fall into chasms clutching their babies is deeply unsettling, not just in a "oh Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and this video suck."


I don't want it to be true, but the end of the world thing is getting to me, and I think it's completely plausible. One of the things that bothers me about it the most is thinking of the people I love having to endure horrifying situations - dying in chaos, or being reduced to defending what food and shelter we might have from others violently raiding and looting.


In the past, when I was far more alone in terms of my relationships, meaning I didn't feel close to really anyone, and was suicidal on top, I think I could see myself embracing all this in a sadistic sort of way, smiling to myself and thinking "yeah, fuck everyone, now you'll feel like I feel." I was also on illicit drugs at the same, which made it easier to avoid feeling about myself or others in many ways.


But for those of you who believe this is possible, and can honestly say you're embracing it, does it not bother you, hurt you, and scare you that the people and other living things you love will suffer, possibly in an extreme way? Or are you not close enough to anyone that you think about that sort of thing?


I know that humanity is horribly flawed, and has done inexcusable things to the earth, itself, and other living creatures since the beginning. 10 years ago I used to enthusiastically lip synch to that Tool song "Aenema." But there are a lot of good, beautiful, sensitive and undeserving-of-pain people and animals. I hope everything doesn't turn out like I fear it might.

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