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Favourite basslines top 5


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I put a lot of thought into this, trying to be honest about which tracks I truly love and keep going back to because of their baselines, and I got some surprising results.


5: Vertiphon by Bola




Bassline starts at 1:25. It's just a single note switching octave, but despite its simplicity it's a very beautiful baseline.


4: Spring Rounds from the Rite of Spring by Stravinsky




The part I'm thinking of starts at 0:29. Something about it is just incredibly captivating.


3: Salacid by Luke Vibert




The bassline is pretty constant throughout. Even though it's the epitome of cheese, I love it. Filling out the chord predictably, and then every now and then, even more predictably, BAM! Dominant 7th chord. If there were an hour long version of this track, I'd listen to it. I just can't get enough of the predictable funk.


2: Orage - Liszt




Another classical piece, oddly enough. The part I'm thinking of is the rumbly bass starting at 0:27. It captures the rumble of a thunderstorm perfectly.


1: Outh9x by Autechre


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqw9Ds9ZdZg


My all time favourite bassline. I just love the notes. They are somehow not what you would expect, but that just makes them sound even more right, somehow. I think there's some polyharmony going on in here. It can't be that complex, given how repetative the track is, but the 4rth note in the bassline sounds higher than I was expecting. It creates a wondefully alien atmostphere.

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The song's kind of cheesy, but the bass line that hits at 3:10 is ballin' out of control:




PS it's supposed to start the vid right at the 3:10 mark but I have a feeling that won't work here (it isn't occurring in the post preview).

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there are many many more, however, these have come to mind:


meat beat manifesto (all)

squarepusher (all)

massive attack (all)

the orb (all)

pye corner audio - we have visitors

hedfunk - dark lady

mr. oizo (all)

the cure (all)

the future sound of london (all)

urban tribe (all)

global goon (especially family glue)

bochum welt - asteroids over berlin

freeform (all)

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