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Favourite basslines top 5


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I have been thinking about doing a top 5 list with tracks that have the sweetest/best/biggest bassline parts. It could be wobbly dubstep , jazz , acid tracks, drum n bass etc it's your list! :emotawesomepm9:


1. AFX - Phonatacid (starts around 4:27)

2. Autechre - Clipper (starts around 1:44)

3. Com Truise - Brokendate (starts around 0:56)

4. Ceephax Acid Crew - Acid le soken (sh-101 part starts directly)

5. Drexciya - Hydro Theory (Starts around 0:14)



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Radio Babylon


1. Radio Babylon

2. Radio Babylon

3. Radio Babylon

4. Radio Babylon

5. Radio Babylon


works for me



Com Truise - Brokendate (starts around 0:56)


^That track is true earworm to me - brilliant hooks.


Alright here I go:




Shackleton - Blood On My Hands

U2 - With Or Without You (my favorite as a little kid - it's simple as hell but whatever)

Chemical Brothers - Elektrobank

AFX - w32.deadcode.a

Interpol - Evil


notable mentions:


Kode 9, Skream, Loefah, Digital Mystikz, etc

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Guest Frankie5fingers

This is mine. and its fucking solid.


1. Primus- Fish on

2. Jean Baudin- Transcend

3. Gustavo Dal Farra- Rushed Love

4. Squarepusher- Hello Meow

5. Weather report- Teen Town

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I made a thread about this, a while back. I was going to shout "JAZZ", but it isn't showing up on the search function... so I guess I'll join in.


In no particular order:


Jackson 5 - I want you back

Faith No More -

Led Zeppelin - The Crunge

Devo - Through Being Cool

DJ Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter

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The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

Darkwood Dub - Zapremina Tela

Block Out - Za Zivotom Il' Za Sudbinom

Aphex Twin - Pulsewidth

Block Out - Tehnologija

Mravi - Mlad Covek


Underworld - River Of Bass

Primus - Tommy The Cat

Darkwood Dub - 130

Tool - The Pot

Isis - The Other

AFX - Steppingfilter 101

Radiohead - Optimistic



Wait.. that's more than 5.. well, it's not my fault there are so many great basslines!


By the way, the band Block Out has amazing basslines. My favorite band ever.

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1. whoom whoom-whoom whoooom .. whom-whom .. whoom whoom whoom-whoom whom-whom-whom

2. whoom whoom whoooooom whoom


4. whom .. whom .... WHOOM-whom

5. whom-whom-whom-whom .. whom-whom .. whom-whom-whom .. WHom .. whOM .. whom-whom-whom

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