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Voigt & Voigt - Die Zauberhafte Welt Der Anderen


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"Die Zauberhafte Welt Der Anderen will arrive on Kompakt in February, and promises ten new melody-orientated sketches and experimental jams. It’s a lovely, groggy set, spotted with fragments of vocals and live instrumentation."



1. Intro König
2. Der Erste Zug
3. Der Keil NRW
4. Tja Mama, Sandra Maischberger
5. Sozial
6. Die Glocke (Endstation Wiener Platz)
7. Hotel Noki
8. Akira
9. Triptychon Nummer 7
10. Der Letzte Zug



kompakt http://www.kompakt.fm

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Finally got around to ordering this (£10 for the double LP + CD from Amazon, cheers!).


It got mixed reviews but a lot of people seemed to really enjoy it. I'm curious to check it out.

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As I said, this seems to divide opinions. This thread is proof of that! I'm looking forward to hearing it later this week when it arrives.


I can't agree with your comment regarding Kompakt, it is by far my favourite record label. But then the music they release is not for everyone. I don't know if you are more a fan of IDM-type electronic music, but that would explain it if so, as the Kompakt sound is much more rooted in the dance floor with heavy pop influences. Or it could simply be a case that it isn't for you.

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Yeah, it's quite likely that the Pop aspect never really clicked with me. For some reason this is something I can't stand in electronic music. Perhaps because for me electronic music is all about pure energy. And Pop dilutes this (for me).

Besides that I agree that Kompakt got its footprint in the electronic music history. And it's quite a big one. But imho this is more a history of the 1990s. I don't see much innovation there over the last years.

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So, this arrived today.

The artwork is actually pretty nice, dodgy photograph on the front aside. Oh and the vinyl is nice and heavy too.




Sounding pretty good so far. Very German, quite industrial and yes, very soundtrack-like. The drums have a very different quality to the

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This is a great album.


Triptychon Nummer 7 is a huge tune. Awkward sounding at first with lots of different elements, but around halfway through the track this great melody comes in out of nowhere, followed by crisp percussion. Lovely stuff.


Very enjoyable for me so far.

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