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Autechre - SYptixed


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Guest Sodalan

Record received yesterday.

I haven't listened the other tracks yet... just ae.


the biginning remind me to something like "r ess" and then the beat starts... really deep and angry (very cool). The end of the track is my favorite part, even more deep and abstract with "almost no beat".


beginning preview:





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Damn that Juno player is more annoying than the ol' hit pause/play every 30 seconds thing on Bleep.


This tracks sounds really amazing though despite the poor quality and jittery playback.

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somewhat sad track... would have fit on fukushima comp :cry: from what i can tell really nice buildup and meltdown


Too soon


"...from what i can tell..." for what it's worth ;) guess you're right tho

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i think i lost the ability to get an ae-gasm

There is hope. Talk to your doctor about ViAegra.







feels good man





# dunno if there's a better way, but if you have sox installed you can use this to glue together the stream from juno:
echo $1
echo $url
printf -v PAD "%07d" $1
curl -o "$PAD.mp3" -k $url
for i in {0..15}
let POS=i*30000
myCurl $POS
mkdir trimmed
for f in *.mp3
sox $f "./trimmed/$f" trim 0 30.000
rm *.mp3
cd trimmed
cat *.mp3 > ../out.mp3
rm *.mp3
cd ..
rm ./trimmed



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That track. That ending. Life and universe and all the rest make sense now. A new golden aera.

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