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Autechre - SYptixed


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Love the slow groove it seems to have (at least in this clip of the track, who knows what's going on in the rest...) and the tone and shakiness of the synths. Instantly reminds me of Oversteps, but through the lens of Exai's future-industrial tone.

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Sur les crédences, au salon vide: nul ptyx,

Aboli bibelot d'inanité sonore,

(Car le Maître est allé puiser des pleurs au Styx

Avec ce seul objet dont le Néant s'honore).


Promising track, I reckon it sounds a bit like Oversteps but exaited up.

Judging from those 30 seconds, mu-ziq's must be a pisstake, though...

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twist, the actual download is a generative patch and the sample is just a 30 second projection based on parameters input by Rob's children mashing the controls (aka Gescom'ing)

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The slow vibe makes it sound kinda like dubstep, only good.


Also, µ-ziq is a master of comic irony. This track does not surprise me. I hope it's hilarious and beautiful.

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Wurst boner.

It's safe to assume, espacially after Exai, L-event and Oberman RMX, Sean Boy and Rob Bob are THE innovators. After so many years. It's fantastic.

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