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  1. I loved they older stuff. Didn't gel much with They Can't Be Saved (great sound design but kinda... boring?) but the new single sounds fresh!!
  2. Well, it was presented as a four part thing where each instalment works individually on its own so I don't think it was ever meant to be listened to in full.
  3. 13 years to click with Quaristice? This gives me hope that Chiastic Slide might click with me one day ...perhaps in another decade or so.
  4. I loved Narkopop a lot but Rausch was just... I don't know, I just couldn't gel with it. I tried listening to it today once again but couldn't get through the whole album. I just don't like the sound design of Rausch I guess.
  5. GAS - DER LANGE MARSCH is the 10th album from Wolfgang Voigt's impressive and timeless series of works and will be released on 3.12.2021 exclusively by Kompakt Records. The release is also part of the large Wolfgang Voigt art exhibition WERKSCHAU, which will open on the same day at Kompakt zu Köln in collaboration with Jens-Uwe Beyer Galerie (JUBG). At the latest with the release of the albums "Zauberberg" and "Königsforst", in the mid-1990s, one associates GAS, Wolfgang Voigt's very own artistic cross-linking of the spirit of Romanticism and the forest as an artistic fantasy projection surface, with intoxicatingly blurred boundaries of post-ambient infatuation and the impenetrable thicket of abstract atonality. The distant, iconic straight bass drum marching through highly condensed, abstract sounds taken from classical music by the sampler or modulated accordingly, and the enraptured gaze through pop art glasses into the hypnotic thicket of an imaginary forest, manifested over the years this unique connection of audio and visual, which to understand fully, then as now, would be neither possible nor desirable. Quite the opposite. The album GAS - DER LANGE MARSCH once again invites us to follow the deep sounding bass drum, to give in to its irresistible pull into a psychedelic world of 1000 promises. In the process, the journey leads us past stations of memories sounding from afar, from "Zauberberg" to "Königsforst" and "Pop", from "Oktember" to "Narkopop" and "Rausch", back and forth, now and forever. Way. Destination. Loop. Forest loop. No beginning. No end. https://kompakt.fm/releases/der_lange_marsch
  6. I guess I'm the only one who likes it here. Didn't know Halsey before. I've learned about the album via the NIN fb page the day it dropped and am kinda hooked since.
  7. eclipsis


    If you haven't checked Exai properly, do so. In my opinion it's their best album yet. It has everything AE is known for and feels very composed. Also the length of the album is perfect for what it is in my opinion. There's no weak moment. Well, I mean Exai + L-event actually. The original idea was to release 5 EPs but 4 of those EPs ended up as an album (Exai) while the 5th EP (L-event) is standalone. L-event was actually released only in an inner sleeve (sort of a fancy one) and fits into the Exai box. NTS Sessions have my second place among the new era of AE. It's long as fuck but filled with great ideas and stunning sound design. I enjoy AE_LIVE very much but can't say I listen to it that often.
  8. I reserve this title to Bernard Parmegiani.
  9. Interesting. I don't think I've heard anything quite like this release. But I shouldn't be exactly surprised by the lack of attention given the fact that WATMM primarily focuses on those rephlex-esque cookie-cutter retro bleeps and bloops over 808 beats that all sound the same. I feel like when I see some to me unknown artist in the New & Upcoming Releases section with shitload of pages in the thread it's almost always that same tired and endlessly rehashed early 90s sound design. Clouth's stuff always sounds fresh to me. Oh well.
  10. Bump. This album is so underappreciated here on WATMM it's unbelievable. Am listening to the vinylz rn and it's such a mindblowing shit. Casimir is one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever heard.
  11. eclipsis

    elseq 1-5

    I don't think this is true. Certainly not in my case. It's always been one of the most fave moments on Exai. And I feel like that section was discussed and appreciated a lot back in the day.
  12. Sounds similar to Music For The Quiet Hour/The Drawbar Organ era which I'm VERY pleased with. I kinda lost touch with Shack somewhere mid his vocal composition album series.
  13. Oh, it works now! There was no playable track on bandcamp when I wrote the comment. Looks like it was taken "down" for a minute. I even tried refreshing the page then and tried to play the embedded track on various sites but nothing.
  14. I always wanted to get into Coil and today I randomly remembered this band so I think it might be the right time. What are some of the essential albums? I did listen to a few of their records for a bit but it was years ago so you can consider me pretty much new to Coil.
  15. idk how he does that but his sound design is always sooo pleasing to the ears and just extremely soothing. i imagine this is how ASMR affects most ppl (i personally can't stand ASMR, it sounds creepy and just unpleasant to me). when people talk about analogue warmth, well, this is as warm as the most comfy blanket i can imagine.
  16. tried i believe four different dissos years back but music always sounded like shit on dissos for me unfortunately now lysergamides - that's a completely different story
  17. I loved his (slow)techno stuff but then he kinda lost me after Luxury Problems. It Should Be Us was nice tho. That being said, the single is somewhat meh. But it's admirable he didn't get stuck doing the same thing over and over again I guess.
  18. Sean was so high that poor Rob had to save the day and answer questions this time.
  19. eclipsis

    confield art

    well, early 00s design is shit altogether
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