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Mitch Murder - Interceptor

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01. Saturdays
02. High Performance
03. The Touch
04. Race Day
05. Interceptor
06. Snow Crash
07. Breakazoid
08. Thanks For Playing
09. In The Fast Lane
10. Stages
11. Nocturne
12. Traces To Nowhere



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Guest jasondonervan

Yeah, new Mitch! 29th July is way too long to wait though, needs to be sooner for a proper soundtrack to the summer (along with VHS Head, of course)

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well, the last one ("the touch", if that's what you're reffering to) was just a pre-album single. this is the proper full length album / followup to the "current events" album from 2011. :)

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Very sweeeeet

Did you commission an animator/artist to do that teaser video? Looks very familiar to another artist I can't for the life of me recall

Also! Always wanted to know - what ever happened to the old 'Race day' video? Copyright infringement?

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i did yeah, check out spacefader on youtube.


race day video will probably be up again once the album is out. ;)

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