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Please recommend me good tracks featuring chopped vocals/vocoders


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So I was listening to the fantastic Telephasic. Workshop on my walk to my car after work tonight and it prompted me to seek recommendations for tracks that feature chopped vocals or vocoders.


I really love the work BOC does/did with chopped vocals and Aphex does with vocoders/other crazy ass effects I probably wouldn't understand. I also really like Yimino


Anyone know of any tracks or artists that may float my boat based on the above information.


WATMM please


And thank you in advance x


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Most tracks by Capsule feature heavily vocoded vocals:






EVERYTHING by Atomsmasher/Phantomsmasher




Blank Banshee does some cool cut ups too (and his albums are free on Bandcamp)



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Everyone has heard the Funkstorung essential mix that weaves together Point to B, Keynell 1, and that one gescom remix of push button objects, right?

It's a classic jam of chopped vocals

No, where's it to be found?

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