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Youtube Hardware Jams

Chris Toffer

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G'day. Getting in to the hardware game myself. Recently got a MPC 1000 for sequencing duties and been looking at synths and a mixer to get to pump the jams


Got inspirired by watching youtube videos of people jamming with gear. Rly cool to c how a track can be constructed live. Tons of boring techno videos out there but there's also many gems. Keen to watch more i haven't found so post 'em here! Here's a few favs of mine


Chill Autechre vibes



BOCy jam



Kraftwerk - Das Model with DIY machines


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I love watching these types of vids. It's becoming an addiction, I spend more time trying to find good people who do them than actually watching them (or perhaps there just aren't enough videos like this).



sent from a tippytappy flatpad

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I yet have to hear an interesting youtube HW jam.


Recently, I have been searching for some good examples of what Octatrack can really do in experienced hands but found only generic minimal or preset-based junk.


Please, post something really outstanding with Octatrack if you can.


So many generic stuff on the web.

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Have seen some good stuff on youtube over the years.


If anyone knows more about this guy outside his youtube channel. I'd love to know







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