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Man's Colon BURSTS


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From ARSETechnica (sorry, couldn't resist) :dadjoke:






Doctors are urging caution after a 24-year-old UK man underwent emergency surgery when they discovered that his severely enlarged colon, filled with feces, had burst.
At the time of the surgery, the man had “reduced consciousness” and severe abdominal pain, as well as air trapped under his diaphragm, failing kidneys, and acidic blood.
In a short communication published this week in BMJ Case Reports, doctors elaborated on the man’s rare conditions, known as “megacolon” and “megarectum.” These are poorly understood ailments marked by enlarged entrails that aren’t caused by a physical blockage. Sometimes they can be explained by genetic abnormalities or other acquired conditions, such as diseases that affect intestinal motility or muscle and connective-tissue function. But in this case, the man seemed to have a chronic, idiopathic case, meaning there was no clear cause of the gargantuan guts.
tldr: When in doubt, let it out!
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You guys gotta do pics. They're remarkable. Google images: toxic megacolon

Yeah, let's not post any here, OK?

It's not that bad


Pretty crappy image quality if you ask me :dadjoke:

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Probably caused by weird sex stuff, they just don't want to embarrass his family

This is far more common than you'd realize...


FunFact™ - Joyrex once worked in a hospital ER as an orderly (patient transport)!


We had a guy who came into the ER for emergency surgery because he got a small mayonnaise jar (plastic thankfully) lodged in his rectum, and didn't do anything about it for several days (I guess he thought he'd shit it out eventually). Finally after the pain became unbearable, he broke down and went to the ER where they had to do emergency surgery and cut open his lower intestine to get it out, along with the bucket (I kid you not) of feces that was backed up behind it causing him so much distress.

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Jesus Christ, that is so fucked up. I remember reading about megacolon a couple of years ago and it made me feel as horrible then as it did today.

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