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Where is my Squarepusher vs Thundercat bass off???


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9 hours ago, drillkicker said:

Well, to be fair, the greatest guitar virtuoso ever was this guy


True, though I do see a little wincing here and there, unlike in the Willie Dixon clip above where the only facial expression discernible is a bit of a smile every now and then.

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36 minutes ago, pizza said:

excellent remix, i dig

Same, I want a whole album of this stuff heh. Love how it devolves into chaos and noise towards the end. Steinbolt vibes kinda

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1 hour ago, Hugh Mughnus said:

not sure where else to put this but here seemed appropriate




Is that really new? I thought Tom had hurt his wrist no...?


edit: excellent either way

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17 minutes ago, pizza said:

might've been made before he broke his arm, but I think it's been like a few years already since that happened

hope it's after would be great news if he can play normally! 

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Hey y'all, I'm back to announce that I will be seeing BOTH Squarepusher and Thundercat perform at the Sydney Opera House this July. 

Unfortunately they are playing on separate nights, Square on the 3rd and Thunder on the 4th, so I don't think there will be any chance for me to coax these guys into a room together to see my dream come true.
Alas, this is the closest I'm ever going to get to see my Squarepusher vs Thundercat bass off.. and for that, I am very grateful.
I promise to come back to this thread after the events have concluded to decide a winner, Squarepusher will indeed be using his bass guitar as he has been in all his recent shows.

A winner will be decided.

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surely those two will be chatting to each other behind the scenes as fellow bass mentalists. would be amazing if they came onstage together.

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So unfortunately we did not get a Thundercat vs Squarepusher bass off, however I have now seen them both perform 24 hours apart and I would like to declare a winner.

Squarepusher was every bit chaotic as you'd expect, the energy in the room was unreal. Dude even played a drum solo with his bass guitar. There was acid and lush synths, he played a ton of unreleased material and even played Come On My Selector as the encore.

Thundercat was every bit as charismatic and you'd expect, there's so much soul watching him absolutely shred the bass, and the melodies he writes are so beautiful and catchy. He managed to play one of my favourite deep cuts Lone Wolf and Cub which made me cry a little.

So.. with all that said.. both have their own unique set of skills, I think I personally enjoyed the Squarepusher show more as the energy in the room was truly electrifying. But Thundercat can shred like a motherfucker. Also Thundercat doesn't slap bass at all and Squarepusher slaps it like a manic motherfucker, literally.

I'm gonna be an anti climactic bitch and say  if we saw them bass off it would be a stalemate, as Thundercat would out shred Squarepusher and Squarepusher would out "experiment" Thundercat. So they're both winners in my eyes, and I'm glad I got to see them both!

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There's enough war and famine in this world, consider this the good ending 


(Okay but if you really wanted to twist my arm then I'd say the winner was Squarepusher)

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Rather than start a new thread I’ll piggyback off this one. I saw his Melbourne show a few nights ago and it was excellent as you’d expect. For the first half of the show he played bass, although without any natural electric bass tone coming through, it was all synthesised sounds (and sometimes drum samples or electric piano solos) being controlled by the bass. Many of the early songs actually had thumping four-on-the-floor beats and at certain points it appeared as though the tempo was controlled by his bass as well. He yelled at the audience things like “COME ON YOU MOTHERFUCKERS” and pumped his fists. Between songs some drunk guy yelled out “YOU’RE SQUAREPUSHER” which was true and made Tom laugh.

The lighting rig was intense, there was no projected graphics just fluorescent tubes and rectangular coloured LED arrays. It was all strobing in sync with the music. I was up close to the front and definitely felt like I was having squares pushed into my eyes.

The second half was full of his drill n’ bass style material with some recognisable tracks off Be Up a Hello like Hitsonu and Terminal Slam. The highlight for me though was the unreleased material he played, particularly one long banger of a tune with synthetic scratching. The encore was pretty awesome too, a time-stretched version of Come On My Selector. 

On this night Squarepusher was the clear winner.

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