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Where is my Squarepusher vs Thundercat bass off???


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9 hours ago, drillkicker said:

Well, to be fair, the greatest guitar virtuoso ever was this guy


True, though I do see a little wincing here and there, unlike in the Willie Dixon clip above where the only facial expression discernible is a bit of a smile every now and then.

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36 minutes ago, pizza said:

excellent remix, i dig

Same, I want a whole album of this stuff heh. Love how it devolves into chaos and noise towards the end. Steinbolt vibes kinda

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1 hour ago, Hugh Mughnus said:

not sure where else to put this but here seemed appropriate




Is that really new? I thought Tom had hurt his wrist no...?


edit: excellent either way

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17 minutes ago, pizza said:

might've been made before he broke his arm, but I think it's been like a few years already since that happened

hope it's after would be great news if he can play normally! 

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