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  1. watching this feels so
  2. Listened to the self titled and Wild Planet albums yesterday, thanks for the recommendation Joshuatx. Turns out Cyndi Wilson has an awesome voice, kept going back to this song on Wild Planet.
  3. Townsend is working with Agren right now apparently. They worked together on casualties of cool but Morgan's playing on that was super laid back. I'm expecting some crazier shit on the horizon.
  4. ^sorry to hear that/congratulations edit: I'm donating an exclusive copy of previously unheard gonks to help you through these trying times
  5. There's still one round left. It's not looking good, but don't count Gonk out 'til it's over.
  6. man what kind of gonk-free bullshit track list is this?
  7. that's where I assumed the gonk had occurred as well
  8. tracklist hasn't been made available but I assume it gonk'd at least once, right?
  9. pretty serious contrast between this and the last track, which was pleasant as fuck. this one is annoying as fuck, which probably means it's a bunch of people's absolute fave. put the guitar down.
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