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Good places to go after IDM?


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Wait, is IDM the clicky fast music or the music that recombobulates all of the old-school acid/porn soundtrack/nature documentary soundtrack sounds? Because if it's the former I've never much cared for that kind of stuff & don't know what to suggest. If you mean the latter than...something with lyrics or non-synth instruments in it, maybe?

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ndc is pretty good. I'd go with ndc mane :sup:


been enjoying Twin Shadow, hardly something you'd consider a contemporary contrast to idm though




and some Odd Future, but you already know them



based to fuck

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actually, just forget genres exist; listen to some music and if you like it, listen to some more music you think might be similar.

ghost box records and demdike stare are great. *avoids the 'h' word*

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Madlib Medicine Shows


Oh No - Dr No's Oxperiment


The Gaslamp Killer - All Killer: Finders Keepers records mix


Yesterday's New Quintet, Madlib - Shades of Blue


Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady


Bitches Brew

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classical and jazz.


[classical in the form of]:


musique concrete, electroacoustic composition, tape music

but even better: modern tonal/atonal music



Electro Acoustic Improvisation [EAI]


ambient onkyo




free jazz




bizarre music


world music




and then:


good music

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70s prog


that's where i went after idm.

60-70s prog music led me to post-rock lead me to "idm" and good electronic music.


i would go with those two, and sludge metal and/or crust punk.


what the fuck is based music?


true off the top of da dome freestyle or some shit. i think lil b is pretty bad and haven't any interest in the phenomena that is 'Based', based as a result.

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from the youtube fader interview on based music (omg do u read the fader? shake your ass, thank me later):


"based used to be like a term, like um, people had it as a negative, when it came out in the bay area, cuz like when i was younger... a lot of people used to, you know, like, oh he's based, and based would mean, like, kinda like slow, or you know you're not all the way, you know, like, based head, like drugs and stuff... and that was like hurtful, like that wasn't cool and i never liked that, that was something that stayed with me a long time, you know, people are cruel and mean to you and stuff and that's crazy." - Lil B


thats how u no u god :cisfor:

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Guest Helper ET

your search for the next best thing will last forever as long as you continue to view music in terms of genre. discovering electronic music was basically my musical orgasm. you could say it became like crack, and when it wasnt enough anymore, there was no where further to take it. i dont completely understand it, theres just something weird about electronic music which eventually leaves many listeners feeling empty. ive heard it many times. i think its because eventually, all the newness is used up, and what used to excite and amaze us, is now often boring. the thing is, so many of the basic ideas of electronic music creation have not only been used, but beaten to death. the only way for me to still get excited is to innovate, or write incredibly well written stuff. lots of electronic music has become very bland. new artists for some reason think they are supposed to copy everyone else. then when a new innovative artist does finally come along, everyone just fucking steals it, and suddenly everyone is making music like that. this madness wont stop, until people realize the only way is to make new sounding music, that is well written, not too technical (unless you can actually handle it), and not an attempt to recreate one of your favorite artists. i fucking hate that about electronic music. now everyone is an acid virtuoso, and its kind of ruining what i liked about acid in the first place, that it was incredible, and sounded totally different than what i was used to


fuck it

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soundtracks/prog/fusion/electronic music from the 60s/70s[raymond scott,delia,tomito,tangerine dream,neu,can,

and library music [same era]

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dode, good post ET.


yeah I was addicted... like severely addicted... to finding new music for a while. and it slowly degenerated into complete boredom with and almost resentment for music itself.







but what you're saying about newness in Emusic... it is a massive problem with the kids on laptops. fortunately when i release my new album on Warp people won't be capable of copying it!


in my opinion the very best electronic music that has totally held up are the albums that either are totally precise and perfected [Go Plastic] or especially the ones that utilized sampling to great effect from the 90s:


FSOL, the Orb, Meat Beat Manifesto, Chemical Brothers,


that's just me though!

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