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Autechre Live Remasters by Amni


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To the people who mssed out.


Here you go. PLease note this will be the last time I upload these so grab them now



Ae Melbourne 20May2010AmniRmstr.mp3
Ae 2332007 Hemsby Amni rmstr.mp3
Ae Glasgow Amni.mp3
Ae LA 2008 Amnirmstr.mp3
ae Turin 2010 rmstr by Amni.mp3

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They are already unavailable, just caught on to this thread today. I know you said it was the last time you'd upload but i'm sure i'm not the only one that missed this thread if you can spare a moment to give us one more chance!

Thanks either way, spreading live Ae is a noble gesture.

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.asd is the ableton live sample analysis file format so that live can apply audio warping / display a visualization of the waveform faster. it's not like a session file or anything that contains any dsp settings. sry, but that won't help you.




edit: or did you mean .als?

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