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18 hours ago, cichlisuite said:

what happened to the discussion in The Space Thread? a very interesting discussion was unfolding there dammit

some saved links from the unfolding :





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gravitational lensing
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The size of Ton 618 and/or Phoenix A (if it proves to be a blackhole) is seriously staggering. I don't think the experts know a way of how a blackhole that big could actually form.  

Any guesses?




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also, this one for all y'all who were discussing black holes a few weeks ago (RIP lost discussions) i believe everything in here was stated as correctly as possible (with caveats/etc. used when necessary):


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so apparently some micrometeorite hit some spaceship that was supposed to bring some astronauts back from the ISS but they're stranded cause the impact made a hole and now there's a fuel leak... just saw it now on CNN but can't find it on the web?



According to the transition report sent to Congress, NASA operators will direct the ISS toward a region in the Pacific Ocean called the South Pacific Oceanic Uninhabited Area – specifically around Point Nemo – in early 2031, when it will reenter the atmosphere and crash into the water.


"It's the safest place to bring down a big spacecraft that's reached the end of its life," Wall added. "It's pretty big, you know, it's as long as a football field ."

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