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DJ Rome put up a bunch of fresh tracks on Bandcamp. A lot of these are favorites of mine from the trax I've been buying from him.




Good shit! If you don't know, Rome is a Chicago producer and was on the Bangs n Works series.

that's really fresh sounding.. thanks for sharing!
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New DJ Clent sounds nice

haha, I guess it's cheaper to buy the album as seperate tracks than as a whole ($5 vs $10)


This is a slight problem I have with footwork trax on bandcamp- it's just impossible to keep up with artists I like, because I can't afford to buy albums at $10+, or tracks at $2 a piece all the time... Young Smoke has a bunch of shit up, and Space Zone was an amazing album, but I havent gotten to hear his new shit because its like $15 - $20 an album!


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