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autechre tracks with enough 4/4 pulse for a techno set


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great selections guys


when you have the masters of polyrhythmia giving you enough material for a bonkers set,

why would you ever lobotomise it to a techno one?


it's the other way around. i'm trying to spice up an otherwise too straight-forward collection, and polyrhythmic tracks won't do at this gig

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Played Four of Seven out sped up a bit at a gig this summer and it was mental. 10/10 would DJ again. 


Thought you meant this one instead of the NTS track




Also has some 4-floor potential.


Similar to this if you mix in some beats I guess.



edit: embedding seems to suck.. :(

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that didn't used to be an issue, if i remember well...

If you stick to the old skool 'BBCode Mode' with that light switch icon (as I do cos I'm an old fart that adds tags manually) you can just copy/paste the URL from Youtube (doesn't matter whether it's HTTP or HTTPS)
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