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Vladislav Delay Appreciation Thread

Richie Sombrero

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Having a great time going back and listening to some of his stuff I missed at the time, the early Mille Plateaux stuff really is key and I'm not sure where I'd file it between dub-techno, ambient and glitch. Huge fan. Entain is a great place to start.



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^lank? (pls)


all time fave:

+1. Multila is a timeless album.




Love most everything dude puts out, that quintet thing was a bit meh but w/e.  Anima is a nice, super-submersible follow up to the 1-2 of entain and multila that tends to get overlooked.  Whistleblower is one I've yet to check out so we'll get on that stat


*cocks shotgun, waits behind duck blind for lopez to enter thread and gush about luomo*

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i love those 3 train albums he did and i gotta check multila and his early stuff again. I only listened like 2 times to those but never went back, felt like i was on another planet with no compass or map

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Vantaa and Multila are very nice, but Visa is his best album, hands down.


Thanks 4 lank dude (diBBin the track) and yeah, Visa is damn good alright.  I reckon that with an artiste such as Vlad (i.e., one whoms'tve consistently puts out quality releases), what constitutes the "best" is less unanimous and more down to personal taste.  Kuopio is great as well.


BREAKING: whistleblower delivers as expected


No love for espoo?


Nothing but love for this. Hypnotic lil trip thru the 'burbs of yr mind

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Really enjoying this album from last year with Sly and Robbie crossed with Norwegian jazz from last year. Shouldn't really work but it does.



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On 4/12/2019 at 10:50 PM, leafs said:

don't forget this one-off on a NZ via AUS label:




i had not heard this. it is incredible. early release under a different alias. bandcamp here:


i just spent more money than i should have on a bunch of his stuff on discogs.

also mentioned in another thread, his 'untitled - circa 2014' is getting a vinyl release soon. he is also working on a new stuff that should be out soon according to a bandcamp message.

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