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Madlib/ Four Tet - Sound Ancestors


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14 hours ago, markedone said:

Quasimoto - Yessir Whatever
Yesterdays New Quintet -Angles without Edges
History of the Loop Digga

Those just for introduction, there is great stuff to dig much deeper as well

Man I forgot that I used to play that Yesterday’s New Quintet album all the time. Need to check the others - thanks.

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So it has come to light that the penultimate track is the instrumental of this 'ere joint :music: I love how the beat is partly constructed of respliced negatives taken from the ubiquitous think break, almost like ghost notes applied to production - Madlib is so damn genius when it comes to stuff like this.

While this thread's gone state for a minute I've been enjoying this shit outta this album.  Not ready to call it classic but currently filed under "delivers."  A few randos:

Who's the vocal snippet on One for Quartabe? Sounds like Busta Rhymes but also not. Might need a new pair of socks er psssh get outta here.

Very rando, but years before this album I'd heard the Duumbiyay sample on a minimal techno joint in an untracklisted A Guy Called Gerald dj set.  I have to imagine it's pretty obscure but does anyone know this track?

Also, fo' shizzle, dizzle



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I ordered vinyl on the last Bandcamp Friday so I've been trying to avoid streaming it till that arrives, but I recently learned that it's estimated to ship in JUNE so I'm fairly certain I'll play it a few more times before then. 

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I cannot wrap my head around all the shit he says is coming out... collabs with tony allen, thundercat, malcom catto, 4 industrial albums, a disco album??? lolwtfawesome


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damn it's been a minute since I heard about Malcom Catto...remember him from back in the Mo Wax days. looks like he had an album out last year - https://littlebarrie.bandcamp.com/album/quatermass-seven. sampling now on BC, sounds quite decent.

and also saw on the fork the other day that Madlib's working a project with Kaytranada - https://pitchfork.com/news/announcing-driven-by-sound-documentary-with-madlib-and-kaytranada/

pls Madlib, brains cannot compute all this shit 

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22 hours ago, sidewinder said:

Industrial albums? ?

Dude is my favorite non electronic producer because of just how damn eclectic his taste is. I know he's a Cabaret Voltaire fan, can't remember what track but I've heard a sample of theirs in his work before and he has mentioned being into them and Throbbing Gristle in an interview. 

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