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Danny Brown - Quaranta


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Digital out Nov. 17th and physical out Jan. 19th 2024


As one of hip hop’s premier auteurs, Danny Brown has been no stranger to conscious themes and current affairs; much of his discography features blisteringly honest verses set to explosive productions. But on his sixth album Quaranta, Danny Brown shows a new side: with his forlorn face half obscured by the shadows of his past, he delivers a raw, autobiographical clarity that we haven’t seen before.


Part of this comes with age. “Quaranta” means “forty” in Italian, marking pivotal moments and epiphanies in the years since his breakout record XXX. It’s also where the word “quarantine” originates, not only referring to the decade defining lockdowns the album was written in, but to a deep sense of isolation and self reflection that colours Danny’s storytelling. As the album’s very first line says, “This rap shit done saved my life and fucked it up at the same time”: there’s no begging for pity here, rather Danny is telling all, with ‘Maggot Brain’-esque shreds framing his bare, wisened voice.


Danny’s vanguard status as an artist allows him to school the youngins of the rap game while unpacking his own downfalls. In that way, Quaranta becomes a case study of the rapper, reckoning with the realities of his dream career. ‘Y.B.P.’ is as much an admonishment of destitute living situations as it is a celebration of Detroit’s ingenuity, leading into an abstract thesis on gentrification in ‘Jenn’s Terrific Vacation’, where musical structures are knocked down and rebuilt just as quickly as the architectural ones are, while freezing tones depict stagnation in the midst of immense change.

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Love the video, thought it was Weirdcore for a second there

Looking forward to this, sounds sick, between this and Scaring the Hoes he's having a great year

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"Outta place like carpet in the kitchen" 😄

This is the most laid back Danny Brown album for some time. It's really good and has a lot of replay value.

Very pleased he has this platform to put out solid releases, he deserves it.

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This album is probably ending up in the year end list. Love the emotion and harsh truths of his album. The beats are great and I really enjoy dannys normal voice. Amazing project from a man who has already released one of the better rap albums of the past few years at the start of 2023.

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