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Kelly Moran - Moves in the Field


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Moves in the Field is a series of duets for Moran and her Yamaha Disklavier–a technologically advanced version of a player piano. Able to perfectly replicate humanlike playing through intense fine-tuning and programmable dynamics, the Disklaviers used on Moves in the Field act as a foil to Moran's own striving for a balance of technical perfection and emotional expression in her performances and compositions. Moran augments her pianistic abilities by utilizing the Disklavier to write intricate piano parts that go beyond human capabilities. Alongside Moran’s real time playing on each track, listeners are treated to accompaniments by the Disklavier that feature inhumanly fast arpeggios, chords requiring more than ten fingers to play, and other motifs surpassing physical limits on the piano. Used in an experimental capacity, the Disklavier here explores the realm of the inhuman and impossible. A signed Yamaha artist, Moran's utilization of the stalwart brand's pianos is not new, having used a trans-acoustic piano on previous releases, but, armed with multiple Disklavier pianos, Moran is able to expand her piano experimentation to an even further degree.

looking forward to this, the stuff she’s been posting on Insta for the last year or two has been really nice. a more stark piano sound should be good, but i’m gonna miss the more loopy electronic airiness on some of her earlier things, but i’m into the new track so this is definitely good stuff incoming.

LP & CD up for preorder at Bleep/Bandcamp/etc.

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Album's out ! Currently giving it a proper listen and I am really enjoying it so far. Interesting take on the human vs machine acoustic performance - obvious similar albums that come to mind are CCAI pt 2 and Squarepusher's music for robots, and I think Moran's work is equally impressive, even though it's in another register. "Leitmotif" just blew me away, sounds like a continuation of the Sakamoto x Alva Noto albums.

I just saw that Bleep has a bundle of her 2 Warp albums and I think I am going treat myself some nice piano music :music:


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i listened to it on bandcamp the other day.. or yesterday.. i can't remember.. but i liked it. wishlisted and will grab it eventually. really nice tracks that drew me in. i don't have any of her other stuff. but i let this play and was into it

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