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Plaid; new EP


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Not sure how relevant this is to the actual thread, but (seeing as it's maybe the most active one at the mo)...


I got an email reply from Andy today to one I sent after their gig at Norwich Arts Centre last May, asking for a track ID for what we now take to be Trail: he said that he thought it was Trail (!) but a distorted version and that "it may end up on the EP to follow the new album"... I troll you not.


so this has to be a new thread....

lets collect all the info we could gather about a new Plaid EP, here. alright?

and i asked this to Andy, too, so,, lets see if that's true!


thanks Caretstik! for bringing in some good news! :)

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No problem. If an EP does appear I wonder if it'd be in 2011 (no snide comment about Scintilli's delay intended)? Like I said in the other thread, such a release pattern (album followed by pretty much stand-aloneEP) has happened on Warp a few times recently, and it's obvious Plaid've got enough unused tracks left over to make an EP viable. I just hope that if there is an EP to follow it's made up of stand-alone tracks rather than lifted album tracks, although Plad have hardly ever resorted to that.

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well they must get hundreds of emails. and like anybody, you're gonna reply to the people you know first.. , i suppose. i would.

pleasure before business! :)

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