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Aleksi Perälä - Mental Union


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How come Rephlex website isn't updating for me?


I dont' see anything on Rephlex regarding the new stuff.


what browser are you using? have you enabled cookies? it might be that you have some old load of the page in your proxy

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(here's where I meant to post)


"but 'the best' has been waiting in the wings, a second part, this time exclusively on cd (packaged with a copy of part one, 25 tracks in total at 2 hours), containing by far his best work, an album which would undoubtedly feature in the top 10 all-time rephlex releases."

---It would be hard to beat Astrobotnia 00.

also, CD only? What is it, 2001? Rephlex hasn't released an album in almost 2 YEARS! That's nuts!

-that is all-

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