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Legowelt - Loch Ness The Complete Soundtrack

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A lill'something for u people U might have heard one of the Loch Ness Commodore 64 game
soundtrack songs a few months back, this time we got the complete soundtrack for the never
finished Commodore 64 videogame. All 9 songs aprox.45 minutes of liquid emitting haunting epicness
to play as the background music for your life's paranoid pandemoniums and mystic endeavorments!
All composed and recorded on a snowy winter evening with a bunch of Commodore 64's using its mighty
MOS SID chip going trough a barrage of analog delays, tandy radioshack mixers and electromagnetic
static thats emitted by the rubbing of Legowelt's fleece sweaters and silk blouses
straight onto dusty cassettetape...all for u free of charge, enjoy!




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