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Aphex Twin






Release date, Sept 22, 2014




Available for preorder on Bleep




1. minipops 67 (source field mix) [aka the Manchester track]

2. XMAS_EVET10 (thanaton3 mix) [aka the Metz track]

3. produk 29

4. 4 bit 9d api+e+6

5. 180db_

6. CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus mix)

7. fz pseudotimestretch+e+3

8. CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix)

9. syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix)

10. PAPAT4 (pineal mix) [aka the Singapore track]

11. s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix)

12. aisatsana


The japanese release will feature an additional bonus track: MARCHROMT30A edit 2b 96.


Track ID's (Metz, Singapore) have been done by jasondonervan sleuthing his way via a youtube copyright detector algorithm.


Here's a recent interview done by Fader magazine with Richard D James about Syro and upcoming projects:




Here's a recent few snippets of a talk Pitchfork had with Richard:






Brand new interview in Rolling Stone:




The typeface on the album cover is Decima Mono Light.


This information is all well and out there now, but we originally deciphered most of it from the official Aphex Twin Twitter account posting a TOR link featuring this:





It's coming, ladies and gentlemen. Are your bodies ready?

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Still the best album from 2010-2020

is  CN - NU

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Guest amnesiac

Some guy on Reddit might have been right. 12 tracks, about 60 minutes, experimental, and gets more intense as the album goes on. He said it will be out September 8.

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I see what seems to be a lot of possible drug references. I wonder if he is dosing during the composition process or just being a tease about it.

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what's with the tracks though. 102-163, does this mean the longest tracks is like 2 and a half minutes long?

(I hope there'll be a cunningham video in with this, hehe)

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what's with the tracks though. 102-163, does this mean the longest tracks is like 2 and a half minutes long?



Also - read the rules

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