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21 minutes ago, cwmbrancity said:

Went to a couple of the UK dates on this tour, Cardiff & Brum, right b4 Mr Burton rip'd. Sooooooo mosh for a kid. Those shirts would be battered to fk & back by now, my own barely lasted 12months. For 12$, it doesn't really matter does it? Cheers for the memory trip though, Burton's bass solos flares were epic!


So jealous!!!

BTW, another thing that Makes me think it might be real is that it says "© 1986 Metallica ..." under the front image.


BBTTWW...... I don't know if you ver saw Cliff's dad's instagram account,  but it's awesome.


He actually just passed away a week or two ago. He seemed like THE RADDEST 95 year old dude in the universe.

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Does anyone have experience buying from BLERP ??? Cause I want some new t-shirts and I'm a 2xl but not much luck with them having that size. Maybe I have to wait till they send an email about new stock or whatever and jump on it asap?

I really love those warp 30 shirts they are selling, the black ones with the purple logos...

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55 minutes ago, yekker said:

So salv ordered from redbubble right? Been browsing that site, thinking about buying...

I wonder if they use gildan shirts or what???

yes i have 3 shirts from redbubble and they're all gildan...

just bought this sweatshirt there:


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