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10 minutes ago, xyz888 said:

Squarepusher - Vortrack - WAP439


Where did you get the info? After some googling, I can only find a couple weird links (Norman records, etc) with no real content. I couldn’t find anything about this on Warp, Bleep, or Squarepusher’s site. 


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"After he debuted some new music back in the summer as part of Warp’s 30th anniversary ‘WXAXRXP’ takeover of NTS, Tom Jenkinson now officially reveals some of those new Squarepusher tracks in this 12” single release. Dwelling in the more brain-scrambling regions of jungle and acid house, ‘Vortrack’ is backed with a Fracture remix of the same track. "


- norman records

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Some new details on this website. They are selling digitals so it's not vinyl only.

Vortrack is 5 minutes and 28 seconds and Vortrack (Fracture Remix) is 8 minutes and 2 seconds . 

...and why does it say that the release date is tomorrow? Isn't it the 6th of December? Maybe more details are going to be shared tomorrow.

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