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Hoavi - Invariant

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i know nothing about this artist - but peak oil is cool little label that released the INCREDIBLE topdown dialectic releases. and the samples sounded great.

Peak Oil is proud to present Invariant, the first LP in three years from Russia’s best kept electronic music secret: Hoavi.

Originally intended for pre-pandemic release, this collection of emotive and intricate homages to the slippery nature of genre has only intensified in relevancy and urgency.

From alt sci-fi dimension floor-filler “Streamline” to “Dver”, a contemplative evocation of a world in which time collapsed in on itself and liquid had embraced footwork, to the propulsive modular dub-tech evisceration of “Tessera” closing out the LP, Hoavi adroitly demonstrates why he should be considered amongst Russia’s finest cultural exports.

A gifted producer with a workaholic drive, these eight tracks are but a sample of his prodigious breath and grasp on the electronic music continuum, a clear harbinger of auspicious things to come for Hoavi.



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I saw the email earlier that Peak Oil had just released something new and my mind immediately went to Topdown Dialectic... I am stoked on this Hoavi release, though. His last one, Phobia Airlines was good, but the samples from this sound on another level. Bagged!

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Bumping this b/c I just got to Music for Six Rooms and its fantastic, been getting lost for days in its deep dubby soundscapes.

Dude put out an EP late last year that's a little more beat driven - looking forward to checking this out also:




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