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Autechre, Luke Vibert remix Humanoid's 'sT8818r'


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5 hours ago, Detuned said:

Thanks for the support!

Relisten to a special De:tuned guest mix on We Are Various by Humanoid:
New Humanoid remixed by Autechre, Luke Vibert and Mike Dred available now:
Kan een afbeelding zijn van tekst

Awesome mix.  Any chance of making it downloadable for us long time label supporters? ?

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I just got note that the red and black vinyl versions can be picked up from the post, the clear vinyl is still en route from Bleep.

That mix is making me scrunch my face and nod repeatedly with my eyes closed when the going gets proper. Haven't enjoyed someone else's mix this much for a long time.

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12 hours ago, cloud capture said:

Big respect out to the postman who trudged through the deep snow to put the vinyl safely inside my door this morning.

Some posties are true, noble legends. 

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On 12/6/2021 at 12:49 PM, purlieu said:

Came today. Love the liner notes by Sean!

Got my copy out for a listen and just noticed these - more a mini ae-autobiography than about humanoid..  great read!

Turns out I went to the same college and did the exact same course as sean!  4 years later though, by which time I was pulling apart and trying to understand ae tracks in the same way he was with electro and acid imports from the states ?

the library (cds section) there was where I discovered parmegiani and other INA-GRM artists - remember thinking "this is what autechre will sound like before too long".... ?


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