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Metal Appreciation Thread!

Guest Al5x

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can we also stop calling any clean vocals "emo" in this thread plz. thx.

lol sorry I'm just so used to other people describing them that way that I've started doing it as well :P


I do shamelessly love some pop punk stuff..

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this Oranssi Pazuzu record, Varahtelija, is so great.


it is indeed, in fact the mentions of that band in this thread is what got me to finally listen to them, thier first album is fuckin amazing also.

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Yeah, not much else comes close to Meshuggah's sheer post-modernness. Check out Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defekts album if you haven't already, it's a bit less serious than Meshuggah but still has that insane mix of minimalist metal and jazz that they do so well.

If you don't mind things a bit more melodic, then bands like Textures (cf. Silhouettes album) are a logical progression from their sound imo.

Other than that, there are bands like Vildhjarta who are pretty intense but maybe too much on the metalcore side sometimes? I haven't heard much of their music though so can't really judge.


There's plenty of Meshuggah-influenced stuff out there though (as long as you don't mind it getting a bit emo lol), just search "best djent breakdowns" on youtube lol

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Oh yeah there's a ton of great math rock and math metal out there, just nothing quite approaching the ridiculousness of Meshuggah :D


Try some early to mid Don Caballero (first two albums are my favourites, but they're all great), Hella (haven't heard much but they're pretty mathy), maybe some stuff like My Disco (australian band, later albums are very minimalist but super metallic sounding). Math rock is another genre that seems to have some strong ties to the emo scene, which means a lot of the non-instrumental stuff tends to have some nerdy white dude whining over the top of it.. I'm used to it by now but it may be a bit grating lol

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Cool thanks guys.


That's interesting though, I thought for sure there was a name for this kind of stuff. Isn't like math-rock or something? idk.


Animals as leaders should do you fine. class musicianship.

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fyi...Just peep the intro...some crazy shit the rest of the way. Just head to youtube via this vid for full album.


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Oh yeah forgot about those guys! For more instrumental/mathy metal I suggest:

Behold... The Arctopus

Spastic Inc. (look for their Bambi soundtrack on youtube, it'll melt your mind)

Blotted Science

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None of the obvious Meshuggah wannabes do much for me, but CB Murdoc come close on occasion.


wow, that's a really interesting take on that mathy sound. Gonna check these guys out!

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been listening to a lot of nwobhm stuff. i am gay and retarded so this music speaks to me.










unrelated, but i was listening to sabotage and realized it's the best sabbath album. the writ is the best song.



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i am gay and retarded so this music speaks to me.


^5 bro, best post yet! (besides the fact there cannot be one definitive best sabbath album, sabotage is great tho no doubt, fucking symptom, hole and supertzar all great shits!)




these guys kinda weird name, i guess it's some kind of black flag tribute, curious they'd write it in german tho, especially since their japanese:



i fucking love the singer. so fucking off but full of conviction... i mean if you know you won't hit any note ever for the life of you why not at least pull it of so consequently one has to actually wonder if the band is out of tune instead...

wonderful exciter-style middle part in speeder tho warning might be even more of a hit, gang vocal refrain and all... 楽しんで!

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Immolation just nuked us with a new album



just take my monies!!


so good



Also... New Over Kill is a pretty fun listen for a bunch of guys old enough to be my dad...


and... Lizzard Wizzard is just pure over the top doom that doesn't take itself that seriously (no relation to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, who are also awesome)... ou gotta love a title like "MEDUSA BUT SHE GETS YOU STONED INSTEAD OF TURNING YOU TO STONE AND INSTEAD OF SNAKES SHE HAS VAPORIZERS ON HER HEAD...DRUGS"

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