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Pukkelpop Festival Storm Rampage - Stages Collapse, 5 Dead (Intense Footage)


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Don't know how many countries have covered this story, but if you haven't already heard it:


Thursday 18th of august a huge unexpected storm has hit the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium, one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Lots of stuff blown away, tents from camping grounds blown away, trees ripped out of the ground, flew into full stage tents, stage tents collapsing... This has resulted in 5 deaths and numerous serious injuries (a few people still fighting for their lives). The rest of the festival has been cancelled now (which seems ... appropriate).


A bunch of my friends were there... I'm glad that they are all OK





crazy footage going around:



Storm hitting during Skunk Anansie, who had to stop performing abruptly:






on the camping grounds:


@ 1:58 pay attention to the right to see one of the lighting towers fall over, somehow the camera man didn't notice that.





party tent collapsing:






tree falling on different party tent:





tree falling through another party tent:








It's my favourite festival, been there 5 times, I'm always looking forward to see the line-up. If it doesn't interest me, I'm not going .... thank god for those many bands I didn't want to see, I guess. Thanks Foo Fighters ... that's a li'l joke right there I just told myself to laugh away my shock lol amiright










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Guest 277: 930-933

It's a terrible tragedy.

Cool to see the #hasselthelpt thing though.

Not cool to see so many idiotic reactions by and in the media.

Glad all of your friends are ok!

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not much to say. the videos are astounding. the weather can reduce anything to it's most beautiful and terrifying but human element. very sad that people died. if i was there i would have been cowering in the corner well before the storm hit.

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Guest Super lurker ultra V12

get used to this extreme weather, folks. and remember... global warming isn't real.


we surely never had storms of this kind in the last 2000 years!

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doesn't mean it's real


stage collapse in ottawa in july:




stage collapse in indiana last week:




definitely seems to be a theme.

as does obesity... correlation?

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also, this is the same festival where the Ou Est Le Swimming Pool member killed himself last year



if i were the organizer of Pukkelpop, i wouldn't know how many of these kind of blows i could take

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Considering the type of winds/weather you can get in open places it should be assumed that any built structure needs to have a relatively indestructable set up. Maybe after these tragedys more work will be put into them in future.

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Yeah a storm like that is very rare, I'm not sure how you can account for that. I was 100km away at that time and it was nowhere as strong as the stuff in the video's. The size of the hailstones is insane, haven't seen that since childhood.


I wouldn't hold the organizers accountable for the victims, it's just bad luck.

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