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skibbys first fm bassline

Guest skibby

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andihow, the fm synth is fm8

antape, the reverb is Freeverb3_Freeverb, on its own buss


i'm really interested in learning how to program fm synths, and tbh i am still searching for the right one. theres something annoying about almost every FM soft synth I've tried to use. the controls being obstinate, not having mono/porta/legato, etc. i need things to be easy and repeatable to dial up settings, and update in real time as i tweak knobs, etc. i guess either i need to write my own fm synth program or change the shape of my mind to be able to master what's available.

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wicked sick!


if you like FM sounds why not have a play with VGM Music Maker? It emulates the sound chip from the Sega Megadrive/Genesis


i downloaded it once. i'm so fatigued of software not working out. crashy stuff etc. but yeah, i will fire it up and see what happens, havent tried it yet.


i tried vopm, and that plugin is craaaash-tastic.


i plan to get the beatwife plugins, if its still possible, see what happens there.

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