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Demdike Stare - Wonderland


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aaaaaan out of stock


I know right, I had this in my cart ready to place the order today and then BOO its all gone



Norman Records have it in stock, and it should be in stock at other retailers soon. That's normally the way things work with Modern Love releases.

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Edit: I'm an idiot. Converted to Low Complexity AACs for some reason accidentally and stupid me thought Demdike were just going for crazy lo-fi sounds.


Also, if you ever want music to sound like it was recorded through a cardboard tube from a cassette tape speaker into a 20 year old computer microphone then released on vinyl, try Low Complexity AACs. Future vibe throwback aesthetic to the max.



Still waiting on the CD, but I downloaded the wavs from Boomkat...holy hell the entire album is filtered beyond belief. It's far past going for a lo-fi and gritty aesthetic like beats tapes, Lukid, or Ekoplekz often go for...this album just sounds absolutely crushed. The previews didn't seem nearly this bad, not by any stretch, and I'm still not sure this isn't a joke or something. Are you guys hearing this from the vinyl or the CDs?


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This is really good. Was not expecting a very percussive and diverse techno album.


Agreed on previous post, more pls.


Yes. Love how Modern Love surprise release out of nowhere. Dropping bombs with no hype. Glad I ordered this one quick. 

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Solid album though, really. Not sure of the staying power it'll have, but it does what it does well.


That said, the fucking 2 discs of the Testpressings tracks is a dream. Such killer shit in there.

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