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Demdike Stare - Wonderland


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Companion cassette at Boomkat, limited to 400 copies...




Ordered when I read "Demdike re-contextualise fragments of sound into a transformed new whole that is thematically close to Lee Gamble’s by-now classic Diversions album"

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Parts of it get really close to the creepy crawly textures and dark moods of BOC's earlier, sparser stuff. Like the opening track, perhaps the comparisons are not obvious at first, but the gritty, isolating, grinding sounds and pounding rhythms paired with the spooky atmosphere remind me of tracks like sixtyten.

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Also that rhythm switch up in animal style kills me. So fuckin righteous.


Agreed. Also love the way Airborne Latency builds up, then strips back to that moody ambient outro. So good.

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Want to remind you all that this exists.


Just relistened to all three discs today. A total masterpiece here (released with almost zero hype).


See them live if you get the chance.

Easily my favorite record of 2017.

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Funny this should get bumped, listened to the 3 disc set last week. It really is a top album.


Haha, weird. I listened just today (before I saw this thread). It‘s bangin’!

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2 hours ago, zaizai said:


just a quick bump everyone,  Demdike Stare are so good, they make amazing mixes/collage and lives, on top of damned good eps and lps 



the xlr8 mix is amazon




One of my all time favs. Loved seeing them live in a smoky old warehouse.

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