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WATMM's Recommended Releases Mid-2017


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Give us your favourite/recommended/required releases of the year so far.


Mine (in alphabetical order of album artist):



Actress - AZD (Ninja Tune) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Ben Frost - Music From Fortitude (Mute) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Biosphere - The Petrified Forest (Biophon Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Daedelus - Baker's Dozen (Fat Beats) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Clark - Death Peak (Warp Records, Beat Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Clouds - HTID: Heaven-sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, or Hardcore Till I Die (Electric Deluxe) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Dopplereffekt - Cellular Automata (Leisure System) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Emptyset - Borders (Thrill Jockey) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Dunal - Dunal Chronicles I (Not On Label / Self-Released) Googl Dscgs Bndcp

PATRONEN - PATRONEN C (Not On Label / Self-Released) Googl Dscgs Bndcp

Herva - Hyper Flux (Planet Mu) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Jeff Mills - A Trip to the Moon (Axis) Googl Dscgs Youtb Official

Justin Walter - Unseen Forces (Kranky) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Kangding Ray - Hyper Opal Mantis (Stroboscopic Artefacts) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Karen Lust - Vigilax (Caoutchou Recordings) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens (Smalltown Supersound) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Smackos - A Vampire Goes West (Nightwind Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Luke Vibert - Luke Vibert Presents UK Garave Vol. 1 (Hypercolour) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Oto Hiax - Oto Hiax (Editions Mego) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Second Woman - S/W (Spectrum Spools) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Shackleton & Vengeance Tenfold - Sferic Ghost Transmits (Honest Jon's Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Shit and Shine - Total Shit! (Diagonal) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Shobaleader One - Elektrac (Warp Records, Beat Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Visible Cloaks - Reassemblage (Rvng Intl.) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy



Aphex Twin - London 03.06.17 (Warp Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb

B12 - An Eternal Flame (FireScope) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

B12 - In Vain (FireScope) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Bambooman - Shudder (Accidental Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

MNLTH - TRAX EP (Not On Label / Self-Released) Googl Dscgs Bndcp

Ital Tek - The Speed of Darkness (Not On Label / Self-Released) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Jesse Osborne-Lanthier - Unalloyed, Unlicensed, All Night! (Raster-Noton) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Jlin - Dark Lotus (Planet Mu) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

K15 - Speed of Life (Wild Oats) Googl Dscgs Youtb Official

Not Waving - Populist (Ecstatic) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Objekt - Objekt #4 (Objekt) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Paul White - Accelerator (R & S Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Percy X - Soma 25 Remixes (Soma Quality Recordings) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Plaid - Bet Nat (Warp Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

PTU - Даже сломанные часы правы дважды в день (трип) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Second Woman - E/P (Spectrum Spools) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Sweely - All The Reasons (Distant Hawaii) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Rolando Simmons - Bridgeland Part 303 (Not On Label / Self-Released) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Rolando Simmons - Walk On Strawberries (030303) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

zvλd - Baklava (Occult Research) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp



Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Volume 2 (Djak-Up-Bitch (DUB)) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

The Future Sound Of London - Archived : Environmental : Views (fsoldigital.comGoogl Dscgs Youtb Official

J Dilla - Motor City (Nature Sounds) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Atomu Shinzo - ​Act (+ Singles) (AtomTM_Audio_Archive) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy



Ron Trent - Prescription Word, Sound & Power (Rush Hour Recordings) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Various Artists - 10.VII (Semantica Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Various Artists - 25 Years of Clone Records Vol. 1 (Clone) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Various Artists - Archiv 4 (Raster-Noton) Googl Dscgs Youtb Official

Various Artists - Covert II (Touched) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Various Artists - Mono No Aware (PAN) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Various Artists - Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992 (Music From Memory) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Various Artists - Voiceless Y (Analogical Force) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp



Atom™ - Fonosandwich (AtomTM_Audio_Archive) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Bochum Welt - April (!K7) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Boudewijn - De Liederen Van De Het Eerste Jaaruniversiteit (Upitup Records) Googl Dscgs Bndcp

Heorge Garrison - Shortridge EP (Record Label Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Legowelt - TEAC Life (Nightwind Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Bndcp

Norken - Southern Soul (Delsin) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy

Rolando Simmons - Yuo're Life (141414) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy


My 2017 list on Discogs

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Amnesia Scanner - AS Truth (Mixtape)

Patronen - C & D

Ssaliva - We never happened

v1984 - Pansori


Can't wait for upcoming Jefre Cantu Ledesma's

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Boudewijn - De Liederen Van De Het Eerste Jaaruniversiteit (Upitup Records) Googl Dscgs Youtb Sptfy




thundercat, kendrick lamar, ruins of beverast :wub:


haven't listened to much 2017 stuff i guess. Still gotta checkout arca and i'm still digesting new actress

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Arca - Arca

Austra - Future Politics

Biosphere - The Petrified Forest

Blanck Mass - World Eater

Brainwaltzera - Aescoba

Chino Amobi - Paradiso

Demdike Stare - Circulation

Dunal - Dunal Chronicles I

Fire-Toolz - Drip Mental

Future Islands - The Far Field

Grandaddy - Last Place

Jlin - Black Origami

Kangding Ray - Hyper Opal Mantis

Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens

Kraftwerk - 3-D The Catalogue

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble - Find Me Finding You

Laurel Halo - Dust

Mopfunk - Bayba

Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?

Onsy - Freq255

Pharmakon - Contact

Rolando Simmons - Bridgeland Part 303

Shinra - Meteor

Shinra - Orbit

Spoon - Hot Thoughts

Thundercat - Drunk

wAgAwAgA - More of that Jam on Toast

zvλd - Baklava


Various Artists - touched: Covert II

Various Artists - Emissions

Various Artists - Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil (1978-1992)

Various Artists - Voiceless Y

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All This I Do For The Glory - Colin Stetson

s/t - Jaap Vink

Common Purpose - M. Rav

ᐔ ᐌ ᐂ ᐍ ᐚ - Qebrus

acheiropoietic ansätze - acreil

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Gimme a list of five you fucking lunatics, I don't want to read more than that shit.


^that bloke knows the score.

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s/t - Jaap Vink


This one is my favorite, it's archival and the newest thing on here is over 30 years old, sure, but it is the best music released so far this year as far as I'm concerned.  All fans of long droning tones that stretch out into infinity and develop in a way that manages to stay engaging and gorgeous (but also shows some teeth on a few tracks so that it doesn't get boring about it), this is something you need to check out.


I'd also suggest people check out


Felicia Atkinson - Hand In Hand: If you're looking for something on the weirder side of things, this album has all sorts of fun with whispered and otherwise processed vocals and a distinct sound palette, with lots of restraint and clean structure, so like it's adventurous but also serene.  It's a very cool experience 


Nicole Mitchell - Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds: This is a really interesting new jazz album, it strikes a good balance between adventurousness and familiarity as well.  Mitchell plays the flute, and then you've also got Renée Baker on violin, which leads to some really amazing stuff in this track https://fperecs.bandcamp.com/track/listening-embrace


USA/MEXICO - Laredo: This one's got a dude from Shit n Shine and a dude from Butthole Surfers and another dude, and it's basically like the dumbest simplest rock music, but it's all so loud and just feels so amazing when the right moments hit, you can stream it here http://thequietus.com/articles/22506-new-usa-mexico-record


Cabo Boing - Blob On A Grid: I'm sure some of you guys out there like the goofball stuff, these are some wonderful cartoonishly warped electronic songs and it's only around 20 minutes so what do you have to lose really https://haord.bandcamp.com/album/blob-on-a-grid

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Oh also I know I already did 5, but this is a really marginal 10-minute release, Stephen Warwick (Heatsick) worked with this guy Èlg who I've never heard of but should probably check out, but they did this really cool sort of narrative spoken word thing with electronic music accompaniment, it's really special do not miss it https://gerardlavender.bandcamp.com/album/the-public-image

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Oh also I know I already did 5 [..]

No limits yo.

As long as you find em highly recommended, required, love em, .. go ahead.

Post however much you feel like. If you want to post a few that's also great.

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@vincentvc: 62 releases in just five months. And all of these...you find them highly recommended, required, love em? I'm glad you didn't post the full list of the 'meh' and the 'not' of 2017 as well. Also, what tec said. I prefer a list with the stuff people like the most. Otherwise it's normally tl;dr. But props for the links!

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Dopplereffekt - Cellular Automata

Hecker - A Script For Machine Synthesis

Kausto - Pupil Dilations


From the late last year, heard by me on this side of the sheet:


Tod Dockstader - From The Archives

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teengirl fantasy - 8AM (planet mu) was good



problem with mu is that they release the best music every year but a music journalist can't just pick exclusively from mu in fear of not having a rounded list. what a bummer.


also the moire album was good when their weren't vocals

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Qebrus - ᐔ ᐌ ᐂ ᐍ ᐚ

Blanck Mass - World Eater

Perc - Bitter Music

Ital  - Hellhole

Flown - Cave

ZonEeater vs. $ea of Dog$ - s/t

Touched - Covert II

Andy Jenkinson - Essex Spacebin OST

Babe,Terror - Ancient M'Ocean

The Caretaker - Everywhere at the End of Time part 2

Relaxer - Relaxer 3

Herva - Hyper Flux

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Rjyan Kidwell - Certainty/ Identity

Rjyan Kidwell - Quality...

Gas- Narkopop

Shackleton - Sferic Ghost Transmits

Actress - AZD

Peverelist - Tesselations

Brian Eno - Reflection

Max Richter - Three worlds

Ochre - Beyond the outer loop

The Caretaker - Everywhere at the end of time Pt 2

Wiley - Godfather

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Oh also I know I already did 5 [..]

No limits yo.

As long as you find em highly recommended, required, love em, .. go ahead.

Post however much you feel like. If you want to post a few that's also great.



ah yeah mostly I just was too lazy to write about more things.  but there is some other stuff that I think is worth calling out, especially a couple of recent releases.


Totally would second Hecker - A Script For Machine Synthesis, but with the caveat that it is horribly annoying and almost everyone will hate it.  But I swear it's not all pretentious nonsense and if you really engage with it and have an affinity for these sorts of harsh timbres then there is something great to find in it.  Editions Mego puts a lot of stuff on Youtube so you can check it out with no real cost except your time youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8OLNhDAXlGvYS1f5khkwJcvZ8LMgSLhy


Last week PAN put out Konrad Sprenger - Stack Music, and I have been obsessing over it.  It's got guitars played mechanically for all you music by robots fans, doing that sorta minimalist evolving pattern thing but with a distinct character to it, there are some moves that felt unexpected to me.  It's got a pretty consistent overall identity but each track brings something new to the table, although that's sort of easy when there's only 4.  Starts with something straightforward in the 7 minute range, and then followed by two that sprawl out over 18 minutes.  And then it closes with a fun curveball to close things out while staying true to what came before.  I think this one is really delightful and you can stream it right on this bandcamp https://konradsprenger.bandcamp.com/album/stack-music-pan-78


This next one you can't actually stream yet because it's not technically out until this Friday, but if you buy it you can DL it now, new on Shelter Press, Bellows - Strand.  The duo of Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti had some Boomkat Editions thing that never really clicked with me, but I've found this one to be really striking on first listen.  It's got the usual tasteful sound palette that you would expect from all involved parties, which I have a huge bias towards and totally nerd out on all the small details, but like it's driven so strongly by rhythm but is so awkward about it.  But in a really compelling way, not a bad way.  I think this one's worth checking out, you can hear a preview of the 1st track but I think it doesn't really show off how good this album gets https://shelterpress.bandcamp.com/album/strand


Also I just noticed no one has seconded Oto Hiax - Oto Hiax, uh guys.  It's Mark Clifford of Seefeel and some guy called Loops Haunt, doing like amazing shoegaze glitch ambient of an incredible clarity, and sometimes there are beats kind of.  This is Editions Mego again so you can listen to it all here youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8OLNhDAXlGvEoFraXarNdNJK7dtAegXY check this one out for sure

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