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Mike pls


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mike, if you're reading this, please release another nostalgic 30-second commercial with pitch-bends/weird vocals, like you did with the orange juice thing for WARP30 or wxhaxtxevexer it was called. just take kia ora or mr frosty or whatever and put it through your hell machine for us, that'll be enough to tide me over until 2026 when the new album is ready. k thnx

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Offspring of Micus. Please tell your dads that watmm have turned over a new leaf and have been very well behaved in the time that has passed since TH. Unlike during Radio Silence leading up to TH, which was like a savage drunken bar room brawl in a Western movie (though it was a great hoot at the time) Tell them we have been good Boy Scouts ?

Can we please have some new music next year? Have you seen the Pitchfork Best Albums Of 2022? That's the dire pickle we are all in. It seems plenty of us are currently using our time well in utilising our time machines and flying through space and discovering music from decades past which is jolly fine but I think it's about time for fathers return. With ICBMs set to full power and set to vaporise all the competition (well apart from Aphex Twin because he's also due an appearance, and Auteche exist in their own unique dimension anyway). Surely this is the year that a huge BOC mushroom cloud appears on the horizon and changes the music landscape of 2023. When I travelled Australia I learnt that many unique flora need fire to be reborn. Aboriginals would set fire to tracts of land so plants and trees seeds could reproduce. It's time for the BOC atom bomb. It's time to be BORN OF FIRE!!!!



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Don't listen to them, Mike. Sell your studio and machines and invest into some bitcoin. They say you'd be missing out big time if you don't, just remember to diversify. Make an altcoin and mingle with some bros and celebs, you can then get a role in a Marvel franchise movie. Those are very popular, I bet this means they're good! Then pull some strings and get into politics. I hear that UK prime minister position is a hot cake nowadays. Don't settle for less, man. Aim for the stars, you deserve it!

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