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Music Listening Methods and Habits


How Do You Typically Listen To Music?  

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  1. 1. What methods do you use to listen to music these days?

    • Headphones via mobile device
    • At home via hi-fi system (digital media or CD)
    • Via smart home device (Alexa, Google, Apple)
    • Portable CD player
    • In the car (via phone or CD/media player)
    • Portable media player
    • At home via record player
    • On my computer (CD or digital)
    • Audio cassette player (portable or part of a home stereo system)

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7 hours ago, Joyrex said:

Just curious how most people here listen to music these days - for me, I find I do most of my music listening in the car via my phone/streaming...

Same, but I wish I listened more on my home stereo.

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files on phone -> headphones is my favorite these days (though I really love listening in the car too). A lot of days I'll put headphones on immediately when I get out of bed, it makes that first hour of morning so much better

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In the car primarily. And I still use my HTC Desire from January 2011 as a player because I can't be bothered to just buy a new MP3 player.

(This phone plays this loud-ass distorted bell chime at the startup screen with a "quietly brilliant" writing animation. So you can tell it's antiquated.)

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At home: Have a Chromecast Audio attached to every hifi system, unfortunately Google doesn't produce them any more. Prefer it over my BT aptx receivers because simply WIFI has way superior bandwidth. Typically feed it either in a smartphone streaming way (i.e. media files on smartphone) or maybe command them to play from YT Music.

In car: I dislike BT in car after all those years... It's a diva which often does not want to connect etc. Believe me, I meanwhile know all my possibilities between deleting BT System app caches, BT protocol choice in Android dev. options... Being busy with connecting while being on the road for 2km is just not reasonable or secure. So I put stuff very traditionally on a USB stick/ SD card.

Prefer listening music LOUD in the car. I can sing there to Thom Yorke, ie like a meeoowing cat and nobody laughs 🙂

Also listening to classical music in my car while my right hand does the necessary air conducting. Because of the high dynamics differences, music has VLevel DSP (for fb2k) in the converter chain. IDK how it's called, it's a kind of oppossite compressor - it makes the more silent parts louder. Otherwise it wouldn't make much sense to listen to symphonic music in a rather loud environment.
Notice the disgusting file naming pattern, in the screenshot you just see a part of it 😉

Screenshot 2021-11-11 102749.png

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I’m working from home, so everything is laptop connected to speakers. I need better speakers, but since my office is small and my ears are old, probably wouldn’t make a huge difference. 

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