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Daniel Avery - Ultra Truth

Rubin Farr

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Will definitely have a listen. Was enjoying some of tracks from his back catalogue last night. Though his recent stuff I’ve heard on bbc6 has been a bit hit and miss (imo)

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Styles are all over the place but still cohesive in a way. Great influences. My first time hearing his work as well.

Great use of a Donkey Kong Country sample in the above track.

Pretty sure I hear a Schottkey 7th path sample in this ^ one.

Like I said, great influences!

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Ive been listening to this album all week. I feel its his best effort to date imo.

its not bad, and its not great; Daniel Avery reminds me of Four Tet; too much fluff, not ruff enough.

he is getting better and better obviously and some tracks are stuck with me all week

Ultra truth is a highlight

lone swordsman was already released, truly one of the best track of the year.

edit: I fucking love the cover

for those who dont quite see it, im pretty sure it represent the heads of a weed trichome. The artist then added the colors to make it look like a alien... or maybe im just high 

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Keep meaning to listen to this, I did start it last week but not soon into it the phone rang or the doorbell went and I lost my concentration. Avery has made some really great tracks in the past (including the Lone Swordsmen track which is here)

Agree with watmmisdead that he’s a bit like Four Tet, quite fluffy and a bit pop. But I guess that’s their vibe. 

2 more days at work and then I’m finished for Xmas holidays. Time to do some end of year music foraging. 

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Drone Logic was solid. He's consistent and this album is good, though I've not listened to it much since the gig at the Outernet a few Fridays back. 

Gig: Not the type of gig I'd normally bother with. Yeah, good, enjoyed it. Was nice hearing All I Need loud. No space to dance. Interesting venue. 





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