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ghostly records


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Rephlex? Not so much...

This. But I like the following from Ghostly. The other stuff I've heard is meh.



Tadd Mullinix - Winking Makes a Face

Dabrye - One/Three

Midwest Product - Specifics and World Series of Love

Michna - Magic Monday

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if you want to hear something like rephlex, then why don't you fucking listen to rephlex??!!

because i fucking want to hear some new music that isn't far left or right of what i already listen to.

it's akin to a jazz musician dipping their feet into country music.

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The Sight Below˚(Rafael Anton Irisarri)

Tadd Mullinix (Dabrye)˚








Michna (Secret Frequency Crew)


i hate matthew dear so fucking much





(not sfm ..but i don't like him) :trashbear:

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You guys already mentioned the ghostly artists I really like, so I'll just 2nd:

Cepia (especially Dowry)

Lusine/L'usine/L'usine Icl (He has multiple names for different labels, and I can never remember who gets released where)



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Guest Masonic Boom

School of Seven Bells was probably my favourite record of the entire 00s.


But then again it was one of those records that I heard at every stage from demos to release and loved every moment of the journey.


Is there a thread for them around here or am I going to have to start one when the new album comes out?


(Sorry, I don't really know much else on the label. I just wanted to squeeeeeee about SVIIB)

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I think School of Seven Bells is on Ghostly



Good call, great record.


How is twine? Always curious but never gave any time

Ah, Twine! Yes, I like them, pretty good ambient-like stuff.

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Guest Ron Manager

I always thought Midwest Product sounded pretty good... at least the two albums I have.


Dabrye's One/Three was good but to be honest I thought Two/Three was better

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I like ghostly, both of the idol tryouts compilations are excellent. Dabrye's 1/3 is what first got my attention, outstanding record that is. Instrmntl is great too, 2/3 is so-so mainly due to the shitty mc contributions.


I also really liked outputmessage's album, need to explore some more of the other artist's albums though

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